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As the founder and Roaster of Java Jacks Coffee House I've got it pretty good , because I truly enjoy sharing the unique coffee we are able to roast and brew, and seeing the excitement that the customer's share in discovering a new coffee they enjoy. For fun I also enjoy traveling to origin , riding motorcycles, and playing music with friends.

What’s pulped natural coffee?

Recently a few  customers have asked “what’s pulped natural coffee” so I figured I’d share some of the details with ya. One of our favorites Coffees in our lineup is our El Salvador El San Emilio which is currently being served as our Single origin espresso. It offers a slightly different processing method than our other … read more


Roaster’s Guild Retreat 2012 – Day 2 Wrap Up

The Roaster’s Challenge – Day 2 After a great first day, the second day of the Roaster’s Guild retreat started with a great breakfast and some time for each team in this years roasting challenge to meet and finalize their coffees for submission. We were looking forward to spending some time cupping a few batches … read more


Roaster’s Guild Retreat 2012 – Day 1 Wrap Up

So You Think You Can Roast? This morning we started with a great breakfast and were provided the coffees for this years roasters challenge: “So You Think You Can Roast?” It featured 5 different Brazilian coffees: Coffee 1 is from thecafundo. Aboard region fazenda cafindo estate. Coffee 2 is one we are very familiar with … read more


The 2012 Coffee Roasters Guild Retreat

The Roasters Guild has an annual retreat for coffee roasters, exporters, importers or just any one passionate about coffee production. This year it’s being held at the Skamania resort in Stevenson Washington right on the Columbia river with it’s great views, food, and weather to boot. This is my first time attending and I don’t … read more


How to choose one of our fresh roasted coffees

Customers always ask us which coffee is the best and as coffee roasters we  understand that your personal taste accounts for everything. Your taste and the brewing method should be the primary factors in choosing a favorite coffee you can enjoy over and over. Some like their morning coffee bright, light bodied, and mellow tasting, other prefer a dark roasted coffee with rich caramel … read more


Quick Guide to Sustainability Terms

ORGANIC    This refers to coffees grown without using man-made chemicals for 3 years or more such as artificial fertilizers and pesticides .  So a farm that is Certified organic had agreed to follow the mutually agreed-upon growing techniques, including  farming with  a  plan that includes crop rotation, preventing soil erosion, keeping the soil fertile, and the … read more


Why I Went Into the Coffee Business

As a Coffee Shop owner people always like to know how we got started in the coffee business. Back in 1994 my wife and business partner,  Sarah and I had been living in Houston and working for a few years in our chosen fields. We  had been inspired by seeing the development of Craft Brewing and local Coffee shops/roasters … read more



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