Quick Guide to Sustainability Terms



This refers to coffees grown without using man-made chemicals for 3 years or more such as artificial fertilizers and pesticides .  So a farm that is Certified organic had agreed to follow the mutually agreed-upon growing techniques, including  farming with  a  plan that includes crop rotation, preventing soil erosion, keeping the soil fertile, and the natural control coffees pests.


This term refers to the conditions under which the coffee is grown  under forest like canopy of shade, which also provides habitat for a broad spectrum of flora and fauna ( notably birds). This is intended to safeguard against the massive deforestation in coffee producing countries as well protecting the migratory birds and other species.



Fair Trade  primarily addresses the price at which coffee is sold and traded on the world commodity market. Fair trade ensures a “Price Floor” the allows farmers and producers to make minimal profits in a very low market. Fair Trade farmers receive a guaranteed minimum price for non-organic and for certified organic green coffee.



To obtain this certification, farms must meet a set of environmental and social standards, including agrochemical reduction, ecosystem conservation, and worker health and safety. The Rain forest Alliance a non-governmental organization is working to conserve the biodiversity of coffee farms and to insure sustainable livelihoods.



One-third of all coffee that is sustainably traded worldwide is certified by UTZ making it one of the largest sustainability programs for coffee, cocoa and tea in the world.  Utz unique program offers a practical approach working together with growers and roasters to  increase sustainability of  coffee, there by raising the standard of living  of many coffee farmers. Farmers who work with Utz receive a premium for the coffee produced. Strict requirements such as coffees is shade grown; water conservation; access to schools, health care, and housing and a requirement to maintaining detailed logs and record to measure quality and environmental effects.

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